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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


New cellphone came today. I can get rid of that POS I've been cursing for 6 months, although I can say I'll be sad to put it to pasture. We've had some good times LOL... I was so excited to get the old phone (a Nokia 3589i) and I bought all kinds of covers for it (Roxy, Hello Kitty) but it was still never the one I really wanted. (John picked that model b/c it was free)
So, I present the newest techie geek gadget-- a Motorola V3c RAZR flippy deal!

Well, sort of -- I did not get the pink one, which I really really really wanted. Mine is graphite gray - they were sold out of the pink ones from Mother's Day and Valentine's Day (bitches)

I also ordered a wireless Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset - the one that came with my phone is black, but I also ordered a pink one from eBay and I will give the black one to John when I receive my pink one.

So I'm just waiting for this mofo to charge up then I will switch the service over. It will be nice not having to smack the phone on a table top or the steering wheel to be able to hear out of it LOL
What sucks though is the fact that I don't really like talking on the phone... not like I used to. I just don't have time! I kind of welcomed the fact that my phone was basically text and VM only for a while because I have gotten to the point in my life that other than customers and work-related stuff I really only talk to my mother, my sister and 5 of my friends from MD, NY/NJ and NH. Everyone else is on-the-fly and text-msging mostly. But don't get me wrong - I love all my friends dearly, but I have found that I only call people when I really have something to talk about or I will do a 30-second check in with whomever. My phone is basically for emergencies and for when I have to do work-related stuff. Unlike my sister who just calls out of the blue every 2-3 months but then will talk for 3 hours about incredibly random stuff. I talk to my mother 2x a week, and my inlaws every 2-3 weeks.

BUT- a caveat: I love text messaging. Love it. That's my favorite mode of instant communication, which makes me wonder why I didn't get the phone that John got (he got an
LG-V which is all loaded and jacked up LOL) but then I've been thinking about a pink RAZR for over a year.

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