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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Are you one of me?

(no, not short, fat & Asian *wink*)

Fun, crazy and unafraid to be yourself!

Then -- send me a message or email if you have it with your snail mail addy ( Don't worry - I will keep all your dirty little secrets on the down-low, promise! I have message moderation turned on, so it's all good).

In return, I will send you a Roxy decal for your car/wagon/dogsled to be displayed proudly. (My choice but it will be great I promise!)

But wait there's more!

After affixing said Roxy decal to mode of transportation, take a picture of it. Take a picture of you next to it. Take a picture of you next to it doing something really weird and bizarre or just plain goofy. But just take a picture so we can see who you are and that you are truly Roxy Army material! Then sign my Frappr map too, if you haven't already LOL

(NO PORN PLEASE... I have enough in the bathroom magazine caddy already, thanks to the hubby)

Email it to me - and the best use of Roxy-ism will win an awesome prize.

Wait, scratch that - the best 3 pics will win some mad schwag! Ask my friends - I don't give gifts that suck!

Bonus points if you can tell me who/what "Roxy" is. (besides me) LOL!!!

All requests and photos must be submitted & postmarked by April 30th, 2006 - they become my property that I can blackmail y'all with later on in life hahahaha
Late requests will be used to line the litterbox.

Have fun! Join my army and express yourself!

Anne aka roxy

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