...more meowycakes: May 2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Roxy & Jesh

Roxy & Jesh
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This past weekend was Maryland Sheep & Wool 2009 and even though I didn't get to go to both days, I spent an amazing Saturday night with online friends that I have know for years through the Knitty Coffeeshop and Ravelry. This piccie is one taken by Cristi (thank you!) while we were all at Pam's house - I was getting an awesome hug from my little NJ sister Jesh. I've known her since 2006 but we've never met in person til this moment. Also met my Amazing Asian Trifecta sistas Karen aka cooknknit and Tania aka mikomiao - as well as the uber fabulous Rosi G. and equally fab Denise aka BoricuaKnitter424 Alice aka yarnkarma with sweet hubby Jeff and Valerie & her sweet hubby Dustin. Two words sum up the weekend: GOOD TIMES!

Side bar - today we had a good-bye lunch with Cristi (it was Pam, me & John) at DuClaw and googly eyes. Cristi's piccies will follow at some point because I'm lame and keep forgetting to carry a camera these days.