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Thursday, November 04, 2010

I could use a hug like this right now :)

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Thanks for sharing Jun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This photo makes me happy

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because it involves two things I love - hoodies and cats. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Been a while since I blogged and I apologize to my 7 faithful readers. :)

I have been under a rock called life.

It is spring break right now and I am kitten sitting a sweet little pain in the ass named Assless Chaps. Well, actually she was originally called Bulldog when they thought she was a boy, then John Wayne because she has a sheriff badge spot on her chest, then Diva Boots becase it looks like she is wearing thigh-high boots --- but currently we have setttled on Assless Chaps because it looks more like she is wearing assless chaps and it's funnier. She's 9 weeks old and hilarious.

I had H1N1 a few months ago. Yes, I had the hamthrax. Sicker than a dog, but when you have almost no immune system, it is a harder hit as opposed to normal people getting a bug. When I kicked the H1N1 I then caught a nasty bronchitis a month later. Which brings me to my next woe of having a suck-ass lingering cough for the last 6 weeks that no one can seem to figure out. It requires codeine for me to sleep at night and the 'Tussin every 4-6 hours, and 1-2 cough drops in my mouth continuously while I am awake...this has been my life in class and at work. People who don't know how sick I was think I am dying of emphysema or whooping cough because I hack so horribly.
I am taking the usual load of courses required for a pre-med sophomore, but man, it's kicking my butt. All I can say is ...Shakespeare, what was I thinking?

Okay, the kitten is ripping across the desk - I just had to delete a string of little paw tracks of random key strikes, so I will pop back later.

xo Rox

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rika & Fuwari

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Just a quick cat view.


Thanks junku!

...Getting ready to fly out to Phoenix tomorrow to see 311 - will try to blog while on the road.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Roxy & Jesh

Roxy & Jesh
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This past weekend was Maryland Sheep & Wool 2009 and even though I didn't get to go to both days, I spent an amazing Saturday night with online friends that I have know for years through the Knitty Coffeeshop and Ravelry. This piccie is one taken by Cristi (thank you!) while we were all at Pam's house - I was getting an awesome hug from my little NJ sister Jesh. I've known her since 2006 but we've never met in person til this moment. Also met my Amazing Asian Trifecta sistas Karen aka cooknknit and Tania aka mikomiao - as well as the uber fabulous Rosi G. and equally fab Denise aka BoricuaKnitter424 Alice aka yarnkarma with sweet hubby Jeff and Valerie & her sweet hubby Dustin. Two words sum up the weekend: GOOD TIMES!

Side bar - today we had a good-bye lunch with Cristi (it was Pam, me & John) at DuClaw and googly eyes. Cristi's piccies will follow at some point because I'm lame and keep forgetting to carry a camera these days.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

where the pinecone pointed... or "thanks, Bradley!"

The pinecone story.
I had been in the park for over 2 hours searching & walking around, looking for Bradley (Nowell's) memorial, late for an appointment...getting pretty frustrated because there are 1000's of markers and I'm so fried that they all started to look the same. As I'm walking row by row, I'm like apologizing to those who I have to step over and totally doing the respect thing. Finally, I stopped walking because I was so mad. I'm on Shakespeare Lane, but I just can't effing find the site. Then I saw one of the employees with one of the groundsmen & I flag him down to ask if he could help me find the marker. He was very nice but flatly stated he could not tell me which way to go unless I had permission from the Nowell family. I explained that I had come 3000 miles from Maryland to see this and that I was part of The Spot ( www.sublimespot.com ) & we were honest, respectful fans and weren't going to do anything weird & all I wanted was a picture & a meditation moment. He was silent for a second, then said he was sorry that he couldn't tell me but I might feel better if I looked over my left shoulder for a while. Then he smiled & wished me good luck, then walked away.
So I take a deep breath, turn around and start walking back down Shakespeare. It's really quiet now, but I'm mad late for my appointment.
I stopped and copped a squat in the grass next to a family of headstones (Martinez, I think) and asked Brad to help me find his marker. Just asked into the open air, prayed that he could give a sign that I was close or something...


A large pinecone fell straight down on the ground in front of me. I looked at it and saw it was pointing down to the curve at the far end of Shakespeare...then I spotted a colorful lump.
I hopped up and grabbed the pinecone and followed the colored thingy to about 200 yards... it was a plush flower with a smiley face that was laid beside Brad's marker :D

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Sunday, January 18, 2009