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Thursday, July 03, 2008

oh yeah

..so I get to vent for a little bit... just bear with me...

Without getting into too much drama, I am trying to find a balance between the old me and the new (ha) me. The old me was/is a complete insane workaholic with very little sleep and very little time for my friends & family. Benefits: a respectable paycheck and at least one day to knit with friends about once every 2-3 weeks, and most of my bills were getting paid on-time or almost on-time. The new me is only slightly less insane, but with less income, more books and missing my friends even more...but a perfect GPA for 2 full semesters now -- with 23 to go, and an interesting round of creative banking every month to see which bills get priority in the funding pool.

I don't have discretionary spending anymore - every penny is claimed even before my paycheck reaches my hands, so I am trying to knit through my current stash and revive my collection of hair and makeup trinkets to avoid buying anything new, in order to try and catch up, but also keeping my creative & girly urges satiated.

This is why the economy is heading into recession - people like me have to decide between gas or food 2 out of every 3 times that decision comes up. Tax rebate check? Ha. We paid bills, and bought a floor sample HDTV and floor sample recumbent exercise bike, because both John & I have been making moves to get back into shape. While friends are planning vacations and making big grand purchases, I have to roll loose coins to bring them to the bank to exchange for laundry quarters.
I had a long talk yesterday with a dear friend of mine who knows me well, and supports me unconditionally. She asked me how I felt about cutting my spending and making less and all the little things I've had to do in the last 8-18 months to adapt, make sacrifices, and I thought about it. I'm not bitter like I was at first, because I have a goal in mind that I won't be this poor forever. (Being a med student can't suck this badly, right?)
Oh sure I was super-bitter a few months ago, but I have realigned some of my thinking and am trying to keep a positive spin. I don't own a home like some of my friends, but I do have food, shelter, a car and my little family of John & Angel. And good grades. There are people in my circle of acquaintance that are broke, spending wayyyyyyy beyond the means, divorcing, getting laid off/fired and having to move back home - and they are well into their 30's/40's

So I will work as smart as possible and get through the drudge as quickly as I can manage. Save where I can. Spend wisely, And pray.

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Blogger Sharon Rose said...

Yay for stash-busting! I've been poor so long I won't know how to deal when Matt finishes residency and starts making real doctor money. If ya need cheapo tips, let me know!

PS - congrats on the grades!
PPS -"Being a med student can't suck this badly, right?"
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAA!!!!! Why do you think I bailed out on it?

7:35 AM  

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