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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I couldn't resist *giggle*

Guess who's back? Our favorite liar/psycho Leech - omg it's almost like there's a karma funk groove going on b/c we thought she came into chat last night undercover LOL -- 2 of my friends gave me the 411 update on the following...

From her MySpace page today (direct cut n paste):
Inside Your Mind. 184 unique Q's.
Inside Your Mind.
What do you like about yourself?:I can talk to anyone, I'm easy to get along with, and I'm smart.
What do you dislike about yourself?:I'm stubborn and a little too emotional.
Do you have any special talents?:Writing, cooking, designing cakes
What are some of your hobbies?:Computer, reading
Do you accept your anger?:I don't get angry all that often.
Do you accept your sadness?:I try not to--it just drags me down, and I don't need that.
Do you accept your worry?:Worry? What for?
Do you accept your confusion?:Hey, I'm used to that.
Do you accept your anxiety?:Most of the time
Do you accept your fear?:There are very few things that scare me, but I admit when I'm scared.
What is difficult for you?:Letting my guard down, letting people know that I care
About You.
Favorite color?:pink
Favorite song?:Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns'N'Roses
Favorite band?:Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Favorite movie?:Breakfast at Tiffany's
Favorite teacher (past or present)?:John Eze
Favorite book?:Only one? No fair!!
Favorite thing to do?:Talk to my friends--in person, on the phone, online, doesn't matter. Oh, and cook! :)
Favorite website?:www.fantasy-writers.org
Do you like your looks?:yeah
Do you like your body?:eh, could be better, but I work with what I've got, not what I wish I had
Describe yourself.
Length of hair?:just past my shoulders
Color of hair?:brown
Color of eyes?:green
Are you athletic?:no
Are you healthy?:yeah, I guess
What emotion do you hide?:usually all of them, behind a smartass facade
Do you think you’re smart?:yeah
Are you religious?:somewhat
What is your religion?:Catholic
Do you believe in “God”?:yes
What do you want to “be” when you “grow up”?:Just want my parents to be proud of me.
Do you get along well with people?:yes
Are you fun?:yes
What makes a “good person” just that?:honesty, being willing to help others
How would others describe you?:Smart, hard working, always up for a good time, always getting in trouble
How would you describe a “true friend”?:Sticks by you no matter what
Who is your best friend?:Jessie
How did you meet?:English 114, summer semester 2004
Ever meet anyone who was just like you?:no
How do your friends help you to be more yourself?:making me drop the goofy bit and be real
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?:no
If so, describe him or her.:
What qualities do you look for in a significant other?:someone I can trust not to lie to me, cheat on me, hit me, or otherwise screw me over.
Ever crush on someone who only liked you as a friend?:yes
Ever have someone crush on you and you only liked them as a friend?:yes
In a relationship…
What makes you jealous?:Very little, unless I have firsthand knowledge
What makes you angry?:Disrespect, treating me like property
What makes you happy?:lots of attention! lol
What hurts your feelings?:When I feel like I'm not appreciated, not loved
What makes you love them more?:when I'm close enough to see his weakness and he doesn't try to hide
What have you learned about love?:Sometimes it's worth the risk.
Describe your first relationship.:Not...too...good!
What benefits come from being single?:being able to live my life without someone telling me what to do
What benefits come from being with someone?:Having someone to trust, someone to lean on when life gets hard, someone who loves me even when I make mistakes
What siblings do you have?:one sister
Are you a first, last, middle or only child?:first
If you could change this, how would it be different?:
Do you get along with your siblings?:yes
What do you like best about your sister(s)?:She's awesome. She's so pretty, so smart, and so talented. And she'll always tell me the truth.
What do you like best about being an only child?:
Have you ever been embarrassed by family?:Of course
Do/did your parent(s) try to make you think like them?:yes
Tough shit.
What difficult experiences have you been through?:nothing I like talking about
Has anyone close to you died?:yes
How did you find out?:
Did you get to say good-bye?:no
Have you known anyone your age die?:yes
Have you ever been really sick?:yes
Has anyone close to you ever been really sick?:yes
Do you have a drug problem?:no
Do you have a drinking problem?:no
Are your parents divorced?:no
Are/were your parents fighting constantly?:no
Do you let yourself feel emotional pain or make it go away?:try to make it go away
Do you believe pain makes us grow?:Depends on the situation
How do you feel when you see a homeless person?:wish I could do more to help
Do you ever wonder why there is so much suffering?:yes
What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?:
Have you ever thought about suicide?:not seriously--I think the thought crosses everyone's mind at some point, but I'd never do it
What advice would you give to someone who is suicidal?:GET HELP! NOW!
Learning lessons.
Do you think people learn from their mistakes?:yes
Do you think people can learn the “easy way”?:Some people.
Have you ever learned the “easy way”?:Not me.
Have you ever learned the “hard way”?:yes
What is the most difficult lesson you’ve learned?:There's good in most people, but that doesn't mean they'll choose to do good.
Do you believe things happen for a reason?:Not always
Have you learned that nobody is perfect?:yes
What imperfections about yourself do you accept?:I get obsessive over things I can't quite do, until I do them, then I get bored.
Do you try to look at both sides of a situation?:Try but don't always succeed
Follow your dreams.
“Follow your bliss.”:Always.
What does this quote mean to you?:Means doing what's right for me and the people I love, and everything else will work itself out.
What is your bliss?:
Do you have a dream?:yes
What is your number-one goal?:To love and be loved without having to be afraid.
“Do what you love and the money will follow." True?:if you're smart about it, then sure
If your dream was guaranteed to happen, what would it be?:To get my writing published
Would you answer differently if the guarantee wasn’t there?:It's not. But I can still hope.
Do you believe in yourself?:If I don't, who will?
Growing up.
How old are you?:21
How old do you feel?:older than dirt, at the moment--I'm tired!
What do you think is the perfect age?:Right now.
How old do you think people should be before they…
Get a job::17
Cook for themselves::14
Set their own bedtimes::16
Go away with their friends::18
Do their own laundry::15
Have a boyfriend or girlfriend::18
Stay out past midnight::17
Stay out as late as they want::18
Have their own phone::16
Travel alone::19
Go to clubs::18
Get married::When it's right, age doesn't matter.
Have children::Not age so much as when they can take care of kids
Go out by themselves::16
At what age do you think a person is mature?:depends on the person
Do you think maturity is a good thing?:As long as "mature" doesn't mean "stick in the mud."
Do you think all adults are mature?:no
Do you think a difficult life makes a person grow up faster?:yes
What IS “grown up”?:When you make choices, fully aware of the consequences, and choose the way that is best for the people around you instead of looking out for #1.
Are/were you scared or excited about growing up?:
Do you think of yourself as grown up?:Kind of, but there's something to be said for Jimmy Buffett's way, Growing Older But Not Up, as the song goes.
Do you want to be considered grown up?:
What do you think is the secret to happiness?:There isn't any big secret.
What kind of toothpaste do you use?:Crest Vanilla Mint

Ever wear braces or a retainer?:no
How often do you shower?:every day
Do you prefer any shampoo brand?:not really
What is the weirdest band name you know of?:Butthole Surfers
What are your favorite dog breeds?:Boxer, Dachshund, Irish Wolfhound
Who was your childhood best friend?:not really a best friend but longest-term friend--Daniel T
Are you still friends with them today?:yes- saw him today actually
How many computers are in your home?:2
Do you write with your left or right hand?:left
Do you take any vitamins?:when I think of it, but usually not
How many doors are in your home?:what kind of pointless question is that?
How many windows are there?:enough to let light in
Do you have a collection of change somewhere?:somewhere. Not sure where I put it, though.
Would you go to jail for a good cause?:yes
Do you own a bookshelf?:yes
Are there any objects hanging from your room ceiling?:no
Are you okay with getting your blood drawn?:Do it every day to check my blood sugar
How about getting shots?:Huh-uh. Not this broad.
Do you like getting your picture taken?:Yes, usually, if I know it's coming
Abortion?:Bad. Wrong. One of the worst evils in our society.
Birth control pill?:No major objections, as long as it's not the only method of protection--there's some nasty stuff floating around out there!
Casual sex?:Bad plan.
Illegal immigration?:People do what they have to do.
Death sentence?:An eye for an eye, as Ghandi said, leaves the whole world blind.
Ghosts?:I've seen too much weird stuff not to believe.
Legalizing marijuana?:only for medical use
Gun control?:People who are going to use guns for illegal purposes aren't going to get them legally anyway. Besides, people who need to hunt for food should be allowed to feed their kids. We've eaten deer because that's all we could afford, many times.
Pornography?:Counts as cheating
UFO conspiracy?:Conspiracies in general--I don't buy into them.
Natural VS. Artificial medicine?:whatever works
War in Middle East?:Ready for it to be over.

And her lovely blog posts, since she deleted her Blogger account to hide the evidence of her crackpot ways (again, direct cut n paste):

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey, shout, summertime blues, jump up and down in your blue suede shoes

Went to Tropicana in Kannapolis this weekend. Swear to god, there were girls there twice my size in clothes that would have fit me. Nasty looking things, didn't even speak Spanish. But then there were a lot of girls there who were little and cute in very skimpy clothing, too, so I only got a chance to dance with one guy, and he only came up to my shoulder. (Would have come up to my chin if I hadn't been wearing my sexy pink stilettos.) All in all, though, I enjoyed it, even if someone buggered out on us for the third time in a row. Just as well--I mean, if people aren't going to dance, they shouldn't go dancing.
Tried to get the crowd together to go for a movie tonight, but everyone's busy.
Finally got Fernando's band's CD in the mail. It's really good. Con Sentimiento Duranguense by Salazar Band--go buy it! Yesterday!

Currently listening :
Con Sentimiento Duranguense
By Salazar Band
Release date: By 31 January, 2006

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Midnight, getting uptight, where are you?

I called Jose after I left work today, wanted to see if he would meet me at the library. I had a killer opening to a story I'm working on, and I really wanted someone to see it, someone who actually knows me IRL. I don't show my stories to many people, because I've had so many people just not get it. I was hoping he'd enjoy it. Well, he said he'd see if he could go. 2 hours later, almost two and a half, I gave up and went home. In all fairness, he didn't promise to show up, so I can't be mad at him for it. But I am a little disappointed not to get a non-writer/non-geek's perspective on my writing.
I got home and found out that Grandma had surgery on her eyes today and forgot to mention it to me. I was gone to work before she got up this morning, so I had no clue until I got home. I'm slightly confused as to why she wouldn't tell me such a thing--seems to me surgery's a pretty big deal!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stupid girl
Category: Life

Jess, Jose, and I went to Charlotte over the weekend. We were going to go to a club called Skandalos. Jessie and I had been there before, but Jose hadn't. So we got there about 9:30, because I'd been driving rather, ah, aggressively. Club wasn't open yet. So J&J wanted to go eat. I didn't have money, for obvious reasons (i.e., I don't get a paycheck until tomorrow), so Jose, bless his heart, offered to help me out. So we went and ate, and had a great time once I confiscated his damn cellphone and made him QUIT TEXTING AT THE TABLE. (Grr.)
So we got back out to the car, and...I'd locked us out. Yep, that's right. When Grandpa had taken the car to the shop (and dumbass Kenny the Mechanic had failed to get to it, after swearing up and down that he could) I'd taken the keys off my keychain to give him. He gave me his word that the ignition key to my car would open the doors. So I didn't worry about the fact that the old man had dropped the door key somewhere in the car and not bothered to find it. And then by the time we got to Charlotte I'd forgotten all about it...until I went to unlock the car.
There was a Fed guy in town on business who stopped to "help" us. What that really meant was that he stopped to be an asshole to Jess and Jose because they were standing around outside the car, then when I came up tried to hit on me. I turned my best sarcastic-bitch humor on him, hoping it would chase him off, but I think he was into it. Which really sucked, because he may or may not have had good intentions, but he was being so rude! Especially to Jose.
Took me 40 minutes of freaking out to realize I still had roadside service on my cellphone plan, even though Grandma had said she was going to take it off. THEN it took the locksmith another 45 minutes to get there, then another half an hour to get the car open. So by the time we actually got into the car, it was after midnight. I tried to drive, but I was too shaken up by the whole ordeal to even get us out of the parking lot. I swear to God, when Jose said he could drive back, he was my freakin' hero.
The next day, Jess was sick as a dog, and I was so humiliated that I could have crawled up under a rock and never come back out. I'm such an idiot. But at least they were cool about it.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Category: Writing and Poetry

Chasing my own shadow,
running in circles
running on empty
running behind.
Clutter consumes my world.
No time to rest
no time to breathe
no time to think.
Stress panic anger fear
No one helps me
No one can
Nothing they can do
200 percent isn't enough
This doesn't feel like breaking down
I'm starting to d i s s o l v e . . .

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Lord, help us. Please don't ever let her procreate or move within 500 miles of me. Thank you.

PS - her "writing" is complete garbage by the way. Confirmed by 9 other people I am friends with or have acquaintance with who actually write professionally for a living.

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