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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ever wonder how some parents

...just do not care about anything?

I am trying so damn hard to NOT get the flu. Some little shit kid coughed & sneezed on me, full face (I had to dry my face off while his mother chatted obliviously on her cellphone) and was all gooey & sticky as I took his measurements. I probably was a little too bitchy as I finished up the order, but wouldn't you be if you just got germ-slimed and Mom didn't even attempt to apologize or discipline her no-manners brat?
So - Airborne tablets seem to be helping me fight the battle. I am so drugged up with OTC stuff to try and keep this from going full-blown ill, but man --- I am CRANKY. I was feeling so crappy that we did not go see Aeon Flux opening night. No way man, I went home early and SLEPT.
Went home 2 hours early today because I'm just achy and sore and chilly. One of my buddies called me b/c he had tickets to tonight's Caps/Rangers game @ MCI but I was too tired. Now that's effed up.

(Now some asscracker is out in the hallway smoking like a chimney and the smell is making me more ill.)

And Christmas shopping. *sob*
I have to get cranking, but I dread the thought of the mall. I have to wait til payday, but I'm leaning more and more to the online options, so... what do you want for Christmas, John? Megan? Mara? Mom? Mark? Rach? Poke? Robyn?
*scribbling noises*

I noticed that my gray hair is coming back full-force. It's even more gray than it was b4 I colored it 3 months ago. Is that effed up or what? Is my job that stressful? Am I aging that quickly? I used not not have to worry about more than 2 gray hairs a year, now I seem to be breeding them every 6 hours.

Maybe I'll go back to my skater punk days and get the Tony Hawk 'do --- really short in back and the big, asymmetrical flop in the front with a big bleached-out streak across the bangs.

*looks out the patio door*

Supposed to be snow tonight... hmmmm.... nothing yet.



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